Comissioned window for an oak door.

This is a comissioned window to go in an oak door in a cottage in Kent.


Lady Summer... Kiln fired glass, in orange and white opaque and orange translucent bullseye glass. It is strung on leather with antique wooden beads. A really warm bright pendant with an appealing summer feeling!!


African Dream.... Kiln fired and slumped bullseye glass, in orange white and red. Dichoric glass backing. The beads are reclaimed antique wooden and new wooden. I have also used real polished amber chips. An individual hand fired beauty!!


Each necklace is individually made from Bullseye glass and Dichoric glass. Antique beads are used and each necklace is named. No two are ever the same!.
I based this piece on some verse I found in a Fairy book by C Barker.
...... The water lily nymph
weaves are purple
web of light
she lays the veil of heaven
offering vision and clear insight....


Red/lime coasters

Red and Lime Green coasters in Bullseye glass.